Forest Nursery

Parents Day at the Forest Nursery

Today was 'Parents Day' at the Forest Nursery.
The babies had been look forward to this for weeks.
"Let's show your mothers and fathers how well you can play" suggested Hilda Hamilton.
"Ok!" replied the children happily.

It was almost time for the parents to arrive, and one after another the babies climbed the ladder to the lookout tower.

"Are they here yet?" asked Crème Chocolate.
"Mrs Walnut" is here!"
"There is Gilly's mum, Mrs Golightly!"
All the families started to arrive.
"I am so excited, and a little nervous" exclaimed Crème.

"Don’t worry, you will be fine" replied Mrs Hamilton.
Once everyone was there, Mrs Hamilton settled the children ready for the days activities.
She began to play the piano as the babies sang and performed..

Looking around Crème was no where to be seen.
Where had she gone?
Suddenly Crème appears, down the slide from the top deck of the bus, right through the window.

The audience was delighted by her entrance, clapping their hands with great applause.
The babies charming voices filled the nursery. Everyone was having so much fun, that the parents even joined in for the last song.
What a great success!

The End.


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