Country Doctor

The Chocolate Rabbit Baby’s Day at the Doctors

This week all the Sylvanian babies were due to have their health checks a the Country Clinic. However Crème Chocolate was refusing to go ..."I don’t want to go to the doctor, he is scary!"

Only two weeks earlier Crème's brother, Coco Chocolate, had to visit the doctor for a cold. To make him feel better Docotr Alex Periwinkle gave him an injection.
"It really hurt, but I was brave" he said, exageratting a little to his sister.
This was the moment Crème decided that she did not like the doctor.

Thinking her fear of the doctor was his fault, Freya and Coco went to visit Dr. Periwinkle and the clinic nurse Kate Periwinkle.
They had a brilliant suggestion.

The next day …
"Crème, your doll looks hurt" said Coco and Freya. "Let's take her to the doctor" they suggested.
Crème decided to be brave, and agreed to visit the clinic.

Dr. Periwinkle invited them inside, and placed Crème's doll on the examination table.
"Don’t worry, she will be better soon" the doctor said encouragingly.
"Can you help me make her better?" he asked.

He lends Crème his stethoscope. At first she is afraid, but soon she feels like a doctor herself.
"You will be better soon," she said kindly.

With her fears now gone, Crème confidently said "I like the doctors, lets come back tomorrow!"
Dr. Periwinkle and Kate looked at each other and smiled.

It was check-up day, and all the babies - even Crème Chocolate - were at the Clinic having their height and weight measured.
"You have all grown" the dodctor said happily, "what healthy babies you all are!!"

The End.


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